Visual Identity, Packaging

A visual identity project with focus in retail packaging for Betadine, an over–the–counter first aid brand. The project goal is to create an accessible packaging with functionality and durability for home and outdoor emergency use. Betadine is coming with a fresh identity, that is playful and friendly. 

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Fusion 360, Keyshot, Figma
Project: Student Concept


The main challenge with common first aid solution packaging today is the functionality of the structure and inefficient labels without information hierarchy. While focusing on the largest user of first aid products, Parents and Outdoor Enthusiasts, I learned that they want a durable and functional packaging that is easy to find in times of emergency. By adding playfulness into the identity, Betadine will connect to the users who often get too excited about being adventurous.

Brand Concept

Getting hurt can be an unforgettable experience, yet we don’t usually plan for it. As the leading brand in first aid solution, Betadine is designed to be ready by your side in any situation. Betadine is the hassle–free way of healing, it’s an exciting way to be ready for your future adventure.


Color Palette

Product Icons

Instruction Illustration

I created a series of illustrations as a demonstration tool to show users how to use Betadine products. On the back panel, simple non–gendered characters in home and outdoor settings communicate the diverse use of Betadine products.

Packaging Design

The label design focuses on sustainability and accessibility of the products. Based on research on user's lifestyles and the storage of first aid products at home, the goal is to make Betadine products most visible inside cabinets. Bright colors are used on the labels as a solution to improve the current packaging visibility. Durable and sustainable structures are designed with algotek with injection molding process and aluminum to create a second life of Betadine’s packaging.

60ml Antiseptic Solution

Antiseptic Solution Vials

Antiseptic Ointment

Sterile Bandages

Dry Powder Spray

Retail Display Design

With the original Betadine yellow for emphasis in retail space and using a modular system with peg boards as back panel of end–cap for easy assembly. The self–standing retail display is divided into two categories, first aid and oral care.

Self Standing Retail

End Cap Retail

First Aid Station