New York Public Library

Visual Identity

Transparency is essential when public libraries are planning for immense transformation. The goal of the redesign is to rebuild the trust of the library patrons through inclusive and dynamic identity inspired by the iconic main library architecture. By using a geometric shape as the logo as well as the visual language of the institution, the identity can be transformed into multiple outcomes through print and digital material as well as spatial graphic application.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma
Project: Student Concept

NYPL Cover

Brand Concept

The logo is inspired by the facade of the main branch library, the three arches that represent the three founding libraries that had formed NYPL. The last letter in the logo, the letter “L”, symbolizes a bookend which also holds the name of the institution. A serif typeface is used to preserve the traditional concept of a library while looking forward to innovation with a sans serif typeface for Headings.

Supergraphics & Design Application

The arrangements of brand elements, adopted from the main logo, creates an expandable supergraphic compositions. The premade space in the composition may be used as a container for images and information.

Poster Design

NYPL events are featured in digital and physical posters, smaller events are typography based with event identifiers at the top of the poster with a single–color print for faster production.

Digital Web & App

As we move to embrace the technology, a virtual library is essential for NYPL to be able to serve as many New York residents as possible. With the New York Pocket Library App, the user will not miss NYPL events and browse through the catalog wherever they are. A different purpose of the NYPL desktop site that is made with the goal of finding information about NYPL and also reading the blogs.

Spatial Graphic Application

Using the main container of the NYPL brand system to create a wayfinding solution that is easy to recognize will allow NYPL visitors to get where they need to go. The “L” containing the Dewey Decimal System is traditionally placed on the end bookshelves.

Patience and Fortitude

Giving a character and live to Patience and Fortitude for NYPL young readers with a line illustration that I created to represent the liveliness and warmth of NYPL Community.