Visual Identity, Concept, Packaging

YumPaw is a conceptual branding project, done during the second part of internship curriculum at Thinking*Room Jakarta, the goal is to combine two random subjects and create a brand. Thinking*Room is a branding and design company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The two topics chosen were the Arctic and handmade dumplings.

Deep research on the Arctic wildlife and climate led me to find the connection between the current issue of global warming and the frozen food packaging that is mainly using plastic bags. YumPaw is a conceptual ready to serve frozen dumplings package to grab on the go.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Fusion360
Project: Internship Curriculum

Brand Concept

Combining the texture of powdery snow and flour, the main ingredient for dumpling wrappers, I translated it into a visual language coming from the chalk. The textures formed a soft and warm feeling of a home–made dumplings. During the research phase of the project, I observed the behavior of polar bear cubs. Despite having to learn how to live in extreme weather from their mothers while biting their paws that look like dumplings.

Packaging Design

With sustainability as the main goal for YumPaw, the packaging structure is made from recycled molded paper pulp and lined with Algotek (a home compostable polymer made of kelp). A simple and compact packaging structure with a functional tray as a dumpling steamer inside the microwave. The packaging is designed to the size of books, making it perfect to grab on the go.

Design Application

Main audience for YumPaw are the younger generations who spend more time on social media. To reach the consumer, YumPaw aims to create playful taglines and promote products through Instagram. Because of the unique concept of YumPaw, it opens up a great opportunity to create merchandise products such as the pillow warmer for people to warm up at the office desk or use as a backrest pillow.